Mangalore a better option for real estate investment?

Real estate has been the buzzing word in many two tier cities in India. As per studies and market research, these two tier cities are expected to be the biggest fields of opportunities in future. With many IT companies and BPOs setting up their offices in these cities, owing to their affordability in terms of infrastructure, the real estate market has been really on the upswing. Among the many such growing cities, Mangalore ranks in the top.

A peek into the city of Mangalore
Located in Karnataka, Mangalore is among the busiest port town on the west coast and it thrives on the import and export industry. Recently, though the city has been witnessing a huge flurry of activities in terms of industrial, commercial, economical and social developments. Many leading industry players like ONGC, Infosys, Suzlon, GMR group, MCF, etc. have set up their camp here. Thanks to this, Mangalore is ranked as the second in the list of growth centres in India.

Mangalore – The second Mumbai
Mangalore is also referred to as the Second Mumbai and rightly so. Mangalore is the homeland for many banks like Karnataka Bank, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank, Syndicate bank and Corporation Bank. It is also called as the “Cradle of Indian Banking” for the same reason. It is also ranked among the top fastest growing cities in India. Also it is termed as a smart city, thanks to the existing and upcoming infrastructure projects – both government and private.

Mangalore – a growing investors’ hub
The city is the dream land for any investor currently with its low cost on real estate, compared to other major cities and cheap labor. Also, the city is advantageous in terms of connectivity to other parts of the country through all four means of transport – air, rail, road and sea. It is not just a place for business but is also a revered pilgrimage.

Major players setting camp in Mangalore
It is not just the companies like Infosys, Wipro and TCS setting up their shops here, there are also leading industry players across different segments, procuring land space and setting up their camp in this largest SEZ. For instance, in hospitality segment, Hilton, Leela and Intercontinental have already started their projects in this city.
There are many reasons for making your investment in real estate. Making it in the right place is what will ensure your profit and Mangalore is definitely the most expected city to boom in real estate sector soon. So do not wait, invest right away!

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